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Discover our eco-friendly Basket Liners! Crafted from natural coconut fibers, these liners provide a sturdy base with proper drainage for your baskets. Ideal for indoor or outdoor use, they enhance plant growth while adding a natural touch to your decorative arrangements. Elevate your gardening or decorating game with our sustainable Basket Liners.

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Coir liners, manufactured from eco-friendly rubberized coir, are inserts for wire baskets. These can be hung, wall mounted or kept free standing for both indoor & outdoor plants for planting flowers, succulents and small herbs. Coco liners has the ability to hold up to four times its own weight in water, it aid plant an ideal environment for root growth and promote overall plant health. These coco liners bring a lovely rustic & eco-friendly touch to your space and are a must in every nature lover’s home.

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