Coir weedguards/ Weed suppressors


Our eco-friendly Coir Weedguards/Weed Suppressors! Made from natural coconut fibers, these biodegradable solutions effectively prevent weed growth in garden beds. They allow moisture and air circulation, promoting healthy plant growth without harmful chemicals. Keep your garden beds weed-free the sustainable way with our Coir Weedguards/Weed Suppressors.

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Coir weedguards are manufactured from rubberized coir sheets should placed on top of the soil restricting the growth of any weeds or fungus surrounding the plant but allowing water, air and nutrients to get to the plant roots. It helps to retain moisture around roots, reducing evaporation. Weeds will effectively be suppressed by 90-95% minimizing the need of weedicides. A nursery that would need a crew to weed at least ten times a season would only need to weed once or twice a season using our weedguards. We have various densities, shapes and sizes.

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